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Your healthcare begins with proper communication

You can trust our team to get to what's ailing you. As you describe your symptoms to the doctor, he rules out possible conditions until he zeroes in on the correct one. He will then discuss with you your treatment options.

When you leave your consultation, you will know if chiropractic is best for you. If so, you will have a clear understanding of what comes next.

Understand your treatment plan

Your plan is going to address your needs as well as maintain your body's natural harmony. This will be done in conjunction with your stated treatment goals, determined by:

1. Your Overall Health:

  • Reason and severity of condition(s)
  • Age and age-related health issues
  • How soon your body responds to treatment

2. Stated Goals:

  • Pain relief only
  • Pain relief with stability
  • Wellness care

3. Technique Best for Your Treatment

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