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Mission Statement
You are part of a community that deserves the best health care available at costs that are fair and affordable. We strive to bring you this, as laid out in our mission statement:
Fox Chiropractic Clinic promotes community health by providing quality, compassionate health care service that embraces our basic values and philosophy of health.

Philosophy of Health
We believe that your health comes from the balance of proper nutrition, mental well-being, and structural stability - including proper function of the nervous system - known as the Triad of Health.
Although pain is an indicator of an underlying problem, the absence of pain alone does not indicate health. Chiropractic care focuses on the Triad of Health and helps the body restore and maintain optimum health.

Our Basic Values
We will uphold the highest standards of integrity. Our main focus is the proper care of your health. We will never do anything that violates our code of ethics.
Our treatment plans are designed to restore you to and maintain your optimum health by teaching you to take responsibility for your own health care needs.

Compassion, Quality, & Community
You have a right to proper health care. We are dedicated to providing you affordable health care in a warm, friendly environment.
We strive to provide you an increasing level of quality care. We are committed to bringing you the cutting edge treatments that make you feel your best.
Take advantage of our community and in-office education programs regarding safe, affordable, and effective health care.

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